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In a commercial setting, our self-adhesive labels fulfil many different purposes. We can make retail labels for products, shelves or anywhere else you need them. Your branded labels could display pricing and product information, or promote offers.


Most retail labels don't require anything fancy or complicated, but that doesn't mean you can't request it. If you need waterproof labels, we'll do it. If you want your labels made of fabric, embossed, or gold and silver blocked, we'll do that too.

Good labelling means better sales

Ensure the security of the products you sell

Do you sell vulnerable goods, such as laptops and other electronic devices? You want to keep these safe, to prevent theft and to protect your customers. Our tamper-evident and tamper-proof labels are a great way to seal these products away; they're tough, and both you and your customer will know if something's been tampered with.

A range of mixed labels for various products



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