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For most businesses, a barcode is the way to keep track of items as they move through the store. They can be scanned when initially shipped, scanned when received by the store and, of course, scanned when bought.


All these stages utilise the barcode's unique code to aid in administration and checkout speed. We can provide you with barcode labelling, making use of consecutive numbering to make things even easier for you and your retailers.

Barcode label manufacturing

Use our labels or print them yourself

We can design your barcode labels to include your brand, lending extra credibility to your products. These labels can be shipped out to you, or we can program a barcode printer that you can use yourself. That way you have more control, and can adapt easily to new products.

Bar coded labels




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We are Canadian Standards Association approved manufacturers. This endorsement ensures that the material selected have been tried and tested under the most stringent conditions and have been found suitable for the intended purpose.

CSA labels

Safety labels for appliances