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As well as full scale flexographic runs; we also operate a full digital section for our customers. This means you can take full advantage of the many benefits digital print offers over conventional printing.


It's good for the environment because there is no pre-press stage in production meaning no need for film plates and photo chemicals, great for boosting your company's green credentials.


Digital is also fast and cost effective, reduced production stages means a quicker response time between your initial order and final delivery.


By far the greatest benefit digital has; is the ability to create short print runs allowing for unparalleled flexibility. Short to medium runs allow you to order the precise amount of labels you need rather than having to hold bulk stock, great for targeting smaller markets or time sensitive promotions such as January sales. Additionally it allows you a cost effective way of trying out new label designs and products without committing to a full scale print run.


The benefits of digital print

Labels of different colours and sizes for a range of products

Digitally Printed


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