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If you require self-adhesive labels in your line of work, we can help. Every day, we produce a huge range of different label types to serve any purpose you could dream of. So rest assured; we've got your business covered, and at very competitive prices.


Our great variety includes 6 colour printing, metallic foil and inks, printed fabric, spot varnishing and laminating, perforated labels, embossed labels and gold and silver blocking - anything you could want.

In-house label design, production and delivery

High performance labels for extreme cases

All our labels are designed to be durable, but some situations would test our regular labels to the limit. That's why we produce special labels that can withstand these harsher environments. Waterproof labels, chemical resistant labels and more mean that you can label your trickier products with the same style as your regular ones.


So what are you waiting for? Take a look at what we can do for your commercial or industrial business. We have specialised barcode and window sticker services too.

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Self-adhesive window stickers

Grab your customers' attention! Colourful window stickers with snappy slogans are a great way to catch a wandering shopper's eye. Not only will you seem more appealing to current customers, you'll pull in a lot of new ones, too.


We can manufacture these self-adhesive window stickers for you. If you don't know exactly what you want, don't worry - we can help you. We can design your window sticker as well as print it out and ship it to you, wherever you are.

Shop front labelling

As well as decorating your window, we can help you decorate your shop front. Getting heavy signage made up can be expensive, and some businesses move around too much for them to be practical. So get us to make up a waterproof shop front label; you'll be in business in no time at all.


We can do so much for your commercial business, including barcodes and special offer stickers. Flexible and high quality, there's no better label-making company.